Module std.experimental.xml.lexers

This module implements various XML lexers.

The methods a lexer should implement are documented in std.experimental.xml.interfaces.isLexer; The different lexers here implemented are optimized for different kinds of input and different tradeoffs between speed and memory usage.


Name Description
chooseLexer Instantiates a specialized lexer for the given input type, allocator and error handler.


Name Description
BufferedLexer A lexer that takes an InputRange of slices from the input.
ForwardLexer A lexer that takes a ForwardRange.
RangeLexer A lexer that takes an InputRange.
SliceLexer A lexer that takes a sliceable input.


Lodovico Giaretta


Copyright Lodovico Giaretta 2016 --


Boost License 1.0.