Enum XMLKind

Enumeration of XML events/nodes, used by various components.

The enum base type is int .

Enum members

Name Description
attlistDecl An attlist declaration, delimited by <!ATTLIST and >
cdata A cdata section, delimited by <![cdata and ]]>
comment A comment, delimited by <!-- and -->
conditional A conditional section, delimited by <![ [ and ]]>
declaration Any unrecognized kind of declaration, delimited by <! and >
document The <?xml ?> declaration at the beginning of the entire document
dtdEmpty A document type declaration without an internal subset
dtdEnd The end of a document type declaration ] >
dtdStart The beginning of a document type declaration <!DOCTYPE ... [
elementDecl An element declaration, delimited by <!ELEMENT and >
elementEmpty An empty tag, delimited by < and />
elementEnd An end tag, delimited by </ and >
elementStart A start tag, delimited by < and >
entityDecl An entity declaration, delimited by <!ENTITY and >
notationDecl A notation declaration, delimited by <!NOTATION and >
processingInstruction A processing instruction, delimited by <? and ?>
text A text element, without any specific delimiter


Lodovico Giaretta


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Boost License 1.0.