Function Node.prefix

The namespace prefix of this node, or null if it is unspecified. When it is defined to be null, setting it has no effect, including if the node is read-only. Note that setting this attribute, when permitted, changes the nodeName attribute, which holds the qualified name, as well as the tagName and name attributes of the Element and Attr interfaces, when applicable. Setting the prefix to null makes it unspecified, setting it to an empty string is implementation dependent. Note also that changing the prefix of an attribute that is known to have a default value, does not make a new attribute with the default value and the original prefix appear, since the namespaceURI and localName do not change. For nodes of any type other than ELEMENT and ATTRIBUTE and nodes created with a DOM Level 1 method, such as createElement from the Document interface, this is always null.


DOMString prefix() @property;

void prefix(
) @property;


Lodovico Giaretta


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