Enum DocumentPosition

A bitmask indicating the relative document position of a node with respect to another node. Returned by Node.compareDocumentPosition.

The enum base type is ushort .

Enum members

Name Description
containedBy Set when the second node is contained by the first
contains Set when the second node contains the first
disconnected Set when the two nodes are not in the same tree
following Set when the second node follows the first
implementationSpecific Set when the returned ordering of the two nodes may be different across DOM implementations; for example, for two attributes of the same node, an implementation may return preceding | implementationSpecific and another may return following | implementationSpecific, because at the DOM level the attributes ordering is unspecified
none Set when the two nodes are in fact the same
preceding Set when the second node precedes the first


Lodovico Giaretta


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Boost License 1.0.