Interface CharacterData

The CharacterData interface extends Node with a set of attributes and methods for accessing character data in the DOM. For clarity this set is defined here rather than on each object that uses these attributes and methods. No DOM objects correspond directly to CharacterData, though Text and others do inherit the interface from it. All offsets in this interface start from 0.

Template arguments

interface CharacterData(DOMString);


Name Description
appendData Append the string to the end of the character data of the node. Upon success, data provides access to the concatenation of data and the DOMString specified.
deleteData Remove a range of characters from the node. Upon success, data and length reflect the change.
insertData Insert a string at the specified offset.
replaceData Replace count characters starting at the specified offset with the specified string.
substringData Extracts a substring of data starting at offset, with length count.


Lodovico Giaretta


Copyright Lodovico Giaretta 2016 --


Boost License 1.0.