API documentation

Module Description
std.experimental.xml.dom This module declares the DOM Level 3 interfaces as stated in the W3C DOM specification.
std.experimental.xml.domimpl Provides an implementation of the DOM Level 3 specification.
std.experimental.xml.dtd Work in progress DTD handling facilities
std.experimental.xml.faststrings This module implements fast search and compare functions on slices. In the future, these may be optimized by means of aggressive specialization, inline assembly and SIMD instructions.
std.experimental.xml.interfaces This module contains some templates to check whether a type exposes the correct interface to be an xml lexer, parser or cursor; it also contains some simple types used in various parts of the library;
std.experimental.xml.legacy This module tries to mimic the deprecated std.xml module, to ease transition.
std.experimental.xml.lexers This module implements various XML lexers.
std.experimental.xml.parser This module implements a low level XML parser.
std.experimental.xml.sax This module implements a simple SAX parser.
std.experimental.xml.writer This module implements components to put XML data in OutputRanges
std.experimental.xml An xml processing library